NFC Tag Scanner


Scan data from Near Field Communication (NFC) tags as part of in-store shopping experience, warehouse tracking, digital+physical game, or any similar use case.


This module allows the reading of NFC tags on iOS. We provide GoNative JavaScript Bridge commands to initiate tag reading while the app is open. On supported devices running iOS 12 or later, we also support background tag reading for apps with universal links.

Implementation Guide

Once the premium module has been added to your app, you may use the following GoNative JavaScript Bridge commands to access its functionality.

Check for NFC availability

Define a function in javascript that will receive the availability information. For example:

// define callback function, do not call it yourself!
function nfcStatusCallback(data) {
      if (data.available) {
            // show user NFC-related things, e.g. a button to start scanning

↔️GoNative JavaScript Bridge

To check the NFC availability, open the url:

window.location.href = 'gonative://nfc/status?callback=nfcStatusCallback';

Initiate tag reading

↔️GoNative JavaScript Bridge

Create a function that will receive the tag data. Then open the url gonative://nfc/readTag with with query params:

  • callback: a function to receive the data
  • message: a string that will be shown in the iOS prompt when scanning for tags
  • openUrl: if set to “true” and the the NFC tag has an http or https url, automatically open the url. Data will not be sent to the callback function.

The callback function will be called with an object with the following fields:

  • error: if it exists, scanning encountered an error. May be “SystemIsBusy”, “SessionTimeout”, “SessionTerminatedUnexpectedly”, or “Error”.
  • prefix: the NDEF tag prefix, e.g. https://
  • content: the rest of the tag payload after the prefix
  • uri: the concatenation of the prefix and the content

For example:

function readTagCallback(data) {
    if (data && data.error) {
        console.log('There was an error scanning for NFC tags');
    if (data && data.uri) {
        // do something with data.uri

var message = 'Hold your device near the NFC tag';
window.location.href = 'gonative://nfc/readTag?callback=readTagCallback&message=' + encodeURIComponent(message);

To simply open any http(s) url the NFC tag contains:

var message = 'Hold your device near the NFC tag';
window.location.href = 'gonative://nfc/readTag?openUrl=true&message=' + encodeURIComponent(message);