Native Navigation Overview


Native Navigation menus allow you to create a natural native app experience for your users comparable to the most widely used and popular iOS and Android apps. GoNative supports a Top Navigation Bar, Sidebar Navigation Menu, Bottom Tab Bar Menu, and on iOS a Contextual Navigation Toolbar.

With modern UI libraries, high performance mobile devices and fast loading speeds the user experience of web-based navigation menus have improved drastically in recent years. However, native navigation menus still have useful application to maximize the functionality of your app. Native navigation menus are built directly into your app, and can be shown even before your web content loads and for any page shown within your app including 3rd party sites. Like other GoNative features native navigation menus can be configured at build time and built into your app and/or set at runtime through the JavaScript Bridge.

The native navigation menus available in your GoNative app use FontAwesome icons currently supporting: