The Haptics Native Plugin enables you to trigger haptic vibration effects used to provide feedback to end users based on various events and actions within your app. Support is provided for six different haptic effects that have been specifically designed to be comparable across iOS and Android devices.

Implementation Guide

Once the premium module has been added to your app, you may use the following GoNative JavaScript Bridge commands to access its functionality.

↔️GoNative JavaScript Bridge

Run the following GoNative JavaScript Bridge command to trigger a haptic effect:

gonative.haptics.trigger({ style: styleName });

style is a string parameter that can be any of the following options:

iOS and Android

  • impactLight
  • impactMedium
  • impactHeavy
  • notificationSuccess
  • notificationWarning
  • notificationError

Android Only

  • tick
  • click
  • double_click