Building Apps

Building basic apps

To build a basic app all you need is your website URL!

  • Your web content will be presented through your app similar to a mobile web browser
  • Updates to your website will be automatically reflected in your app
  • You may rebuild your app on the GoNative platform at any time to receive our latest code

Build a new app now at

App updates

GoNative maintains our common app codebase to ensure compatibility with future iOS and Android updates so you never have to worry about maintaining code.

GoNative’s codebase is available on GitHub. The source code for your individual app can be downloaded at any time should you wish to extend the native code yourself, in which case you can merge our future updates back into your own app.

Advanced apps

GoNative's powerful platform enables you to create more than a basic app.

  • Add native UI menus that adhere to Apple and Google design best practices
  • Add powerful Push Notification capabilities and send push notifications to all or a subset of your app users
  • Add any of our Native Plugins to supercharge your app with access to native device hardware, functionality, and third-party services
    • Native Contacts to import contacts from the user's address book
    • Apple Face ID / Touch ID and Google Biometric Authentication for simplified login
    • QR / Barcode scanning to streamline logistics/warehouse workflows or in-store shopping
    • Document Scanning to automatically crop and correct perspective of uploaded documents
    • And many more!

GoNative App Builder

Use our online App Builder to configure and make adjustments to your app all from the browser. Each time you rebuild your app we automatically email you an appConfig.json file that contains all the configuration details of your app. You may maintain appConfig.json in your own versioning repository to track your changes and/or edit the file directly before uploading back to the online App Builder.

Most configuration parameters for your app can be configured at build-time via the App Builder and appConfig.json. You may also dynamically configure your app at run-time by accessing the GoNative JavaScript Bridge from the website being shown through your app.

Next Steps