Licensing and Purchases

How much does GoNative cost?

There is no cost to build an app using GoNative for evaluation and testing purposes. You can test your app on our simulator devices in your browser and on physical iOS and Android devices.

A valid license is required to publish your app to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or for any other commercial purpose. You can purchase a Single Application License for $790 USD which may be purchased directly on our website at

In addition to the app license, we offer a variety of optional add-ons and services. These include:

  • Push Notifications using our integration with OneSignal or through other push notification providers.
  • Native Plugins that provide access to a range of device functionality and third-party services.
  • A Full-Service App Configuration service, where our team handles completes detailed configuration to produce a publish-ready app using the GoNative platform.
  • An App Store Publishing service, where our team completes all steps that are required to publish your app to the app stores and guarantees successful approval
  • Custom development to extend the GoNative platform to integrate third-party SDKs and add advanced functionality for your specific use case
    Full pricing details are available here

How many apps can be published with each license?

Each license allows you to publish one app, which includes versions for both iOS and Android devices. Your license is attached to your iOS Bundle ID and Android Package Name. To ensure there are no license issues during your initial app release and future app updates verify that these identifiers within your app on our platform match your app listing within your Apple App Store Connect and Google Play accounts. More information on App Identifiers.

For our partner development agencies who are building many apps, we offer volume-based pricing.

How do I apply my license to my app?

After the purchase of your license, you will receive an email including a copy of your executed license agreement and a link to your license management page.

To apply your license, you will be asked for the iOS Bundle Id and Android Package Name you will use for your app store submissions. Generally, these identifiers are in reverse domain notation and look similar to

If you've built your app through our online build platform, you will also be asked for the Private Management URL for the app you will be publishing. This is the link that was emailed to you after building through our website.

After applying your license, you do not need to rebuild or re-download your app.

I receive an error saying my app is not licensed?

It’s important that the iOS Bundle Id and Android Package Name on your license match the identifiers you are using to publish your app. Contact GoNative Support if you need to update these values on your license. If you worked with a third-party developer to build your app make sure they are an approved partner and/or you have received a valid GoNative license. More information on App Identifiers.

Can I add Native Plugins to my app in the future?

Yes! Native Plugins can be purchased either initially with your app license via a Custom Package or added to your license in the future via your License Management page. You can also add our Full-Service App Configuration service or App Store Publishing Service in the future.

What kinds of support does GoNative provide?

We receive a high volume of emails and our dedicated team aims to respond to all email inquiries as soon as possible. However, we prioritize customers who have an active support plan and meet the SLA terms set out in such plans.

Contact us for more information on our support and maintenance plans. For eligible clients we offer phone-based technical support.

Is there a discount for an Android-only or iOS-only license?

Unfortunately we do not discount our license for use on a single platform. Our platform is designed to create one full-featured app with iOS and Android versions and we are not able to license an app for a single platform or for a subset of features.

What is GoNative's refund policy?

GoNative offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee subject to the following:

  • Refund applies to software license portion of the purchase only and does not apply to any services provided by GoNative (refunds are available up until the the GoNative has commenced delivering the service)
  • Refund does not apply to purchases of native plugin software if the source code has been provided. * Contact GoNative to obtain a binary evaluation app if testing is required in advance of purchase.
  • Refund requests must be made within 90 days of purchase.