Custom Buttons


Add custom buttons to the right side of the Top Navigation Bar and configure them to link to URLs or to run JavaScript commands.


You may add icons to your app's native top toolbar, i.e. Android ActionBar and iOS NavigationBar, that will appear on the right side when configured. These icons can be configured to trigger URL loads or javascript commands, as outlined below.


Edit the navigation configuration object in appConfig.json within the Import/Export section of your app's configuration by adding a new field actionConfig as follows:

"navigation": {
    "actionConfig": {
      "actionSelection": [{
        "id": "cartAction",
        "regex": ".*"
      "actions": [{
        "items": [{
          "url": "javascript:alert('shopping cart clicked');",
          "icon": "fas fa-shopping-cart",
          "label": "Shopping Cart"
        "id": "cartAction"
      "active": true

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