Deep Linking

Set up Deep Linking within your app and notification links will automatically open directly into your app.

JavaScript Bridge Functions

Prompt for Push Notification Permission

Request Push Notification permission, will show a dialog for users to confirm permission. For Android the dialog is only shown on Android 13 and above. Android 12 and below will always be granted without user intervention.

Provide a callback function or otherwise a promise is returned.

↔️GoNative JavaScript Bridge

gonative.intercom.registerPush({'callback': function});
// Return value:
  "granted": true | false

Update User

Register a new user or update an existing user. Accepts object of any key/value pairs such as name and email

↔️GoNative JavaScript Bridge

  name: "Bob",
  email: "[email protected]"

Log Event

Log an event in Intercom programmatically

↔️GoNative JavaScript Bridge

  eventName: eventValue

Present Carousel

Present a Carousel by passing in carouselID from Intercom workspace

↔️GoNative JavaScript Bridge

  carouselID: STRING