The Calendar native plugin facilitates adding events to the user's calendar on iOS. The plugin provides a built-in UI which displays the event details and a button for the user to add the event. Events can be added via an .ics file on your website or an embedded ics calendar invitation. Note that this native plugin is available for iOS only.

Implementation Guide

This plugin automatically intercepts .ics files and thus there is no need to add JavaScript to your website.

ics calendar invitations can be hosted on your website or alternatively embedded in your HTML as per the example below.

<a href="data:text/calendar;charset=utf-8,BEGIN:VCALENDAR%0D%0AVERSION:2.0%0D%0ABEGIN:VEVENT%0D%0AURL:https://demos.gonative.io/%0D%0ADTSTART:20210318T173000Z%0D%0ADTEND:20210318T174500Z%0D%0ASUMMARY:Health%20Check%20Appointment%0D%0ADESCRIPTION:Health%20Check%20Appointment%0D%0ALOCATION:%0D%0AEND:VEVENT%0D%0AEND:VCALENDAR">
Open Embedded Calendar Link