App Store Publishing Service

Need help publishing your app? GoNative's Publishing Team has published thousands of apps and is available to help publish your app on your behalf. GoNative offers a money-back publishing guarantee ensuring that your app will be successfully published.

What's included:

  • On-device testing and IPA creation for iOS via TestFlight
  • Preparation of keystores, signing certificates and provisioning profiles
  • Compilation and submission to app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store)
  • Full-service publishing and submission service, including app store metadata, screenshots, etc

* You will review your app and all app store data prior to submission

All changes to your website will automatically flow through to your app. If an app store update is required due to a change in the native configuration (e.g. changing the app icon, adding push notifications, etc), we charge a reduced fee for existing publishing clients.

View our App Store Publishing Service Steps for specific details on the publishing process.

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