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Push Notification Providers

Push notifications provide a powerful channel to reach all or a subset of your users with announcements and information. Push notifications also allow you to directly target an individual user with alerts or to reach them when they are most likely to engage.

GoNative customers can use OneSignal to send unlimited push notifications free of charge, or select a paid plan with more advanced features such as In-App Messages.

Add enterprise-class push notification capabilities to your native app and easily send push notifications to all or a subset of your users

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As our most popular push notification service, OneSignal is both rich in advanced messaging features and fit for businesses of all sizes. Easily send push notifications to better engage users.


Create and send push notifications using Adjust's full tracking and attribution analytics such as campaign, ad group, and creative level optimization

IBM Cloud

Send push notifications through the IBM Push Notifications action in IBM Cloud with full reporting and analysis support


Deploy Push Notifications as part of your Optimizely/Episerver digital marketing campaigns will full support of the personalization and performance management platform

Salesforce Marketing

Send and manage push notifications directly from your Salesforce Marketing Cloud dashboard. View push notification open rate and track campaign performance across multiple channels.


The Xtremepush platform gives brands and marketers the ability to analyze, segment and target their web and mobile app users, enabling the delivery of data-driven contextually relevant notifications at the optimum time and location.

Adding Push Notifications

Push Notifications are added to your iOS and Android apps without the need for any mobile app development. Configuration is through the GoNative JavaScript Bridge, an API that allows your website to communicate with mobile device native functionality and hardware.

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To ensure JavaScript added to your webpage is only active when pages are displayed within your app you can add conditions to detect the site is being accessed by the app. Or you can use one of several methods to serve a different version of your website through your app.

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Some Push Notification Providers require active subscriptions or licenses with third-party vendors. GoNative is not liable or responsible for these fees or for future SDK changes. For support of push notification providers not listed here contact us for custom development.

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