Android app error message App Not Installed when testing?

This installation error message can sometimes occur when testing your pre-release Android app on a physical device. Importantly, once your app is uploaded and distributed through Google Play Store, this will no longer be an issue. But, how can you fix it for testing?

For each Android package name, i.e., in order to install it onto your device it must have a higher "version code" than any previously installed version. This is the case even if you uninstall the app completely.

If you generate your APK through the website, we automatically increment the "version code" each time your app builds. This is fine, because it's never visible to your end users, and is a number that's only used internally. The version that your users see is something different, called "version name".

So how can this occur?

  1. We've seen this occur if you install your APK from website with version code #7, then uninstall it from device, then try to re-install the same APK.
  2. If you are building from source code locally, and you do not increment versionCode in your app's build.gradle file
  3. Some other odd reason we are still unsure of!

If it does occur, and rebuilding via our website or changing the version code does not seem to help, then we've heard some clients have success with temporarily disabling Google Play Protect. We've not tested this method ourselves, so please use it at your own discretion. More info about that at